recicled furniture / reused pieces

It is not a trend but a need. An utilitary object converted into a canvas via your intervention...  your house and smile, win. This are the canvases that call my attention this week. What do you think. Share.

Images via apartmenttherapy.com/ funkytown.com/ greatgreengoods.com/ static.blogo.it



smell of grapefruit

As Summer dims, this is the selection of grapefruit scents I covet.
Each essence is different in its duration, and will stay according to your skin (pH/acidity or thickness).
A happy reason to smell of citrus before Autumn falls.



Autumn wish list

Welcome to my everyday diary of trivial things for each day.
A list of need-to-have items for Autumn 2010.
Do enjoy, please comment and share.

Chanel vernis in Khaki

Army women circa 1948
Ilse Jacobsen boots
Catwalk boots

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