model fall

Falling is no laughing matter, yet sometimes you learn how to pick yourself up or someone comes to aid.

Life teaches us to stand after tripping. Style can pretty much be defined as the grace to get up after a fall. Here some of this classy moments, in which models fall and much as a metaphor of life, gracefully rise and keep on walking. An everyday thought which is not trivial, at all.

Scott Schuman (right)  aids model at Prada show via thesartorialist.com
Miss a step at Chanel Couture
First row throw via refinary29.com
Helping hands
Smiling at mishap via time.com

Graceful Agyness Deyn via justjared.com


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  1. Poor girls, yet it is true the only good thing about falling is the way you get up.
    Nice blog: kudos.


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